Christmas Eve 2019
Christmas 2019
Edavaka Perunnal 2019
Church Picnic 2019
Harvest Festival 2019
Reheal 2019
OVBS 2019
Passion Week 2019
Good Friday 2017
Jr.Choir trophy handover 2017
Sunday School Picnic 2017
Parishday 2017
Picnic 2017
Christmas EVe2016
Christmas Service2016
St.Thomas Award 2016
OneDay Conference-2016-MOMS
Parish Day 2016-SS Prize
Parish Day 2016
Parish Picnic 2016
Pazhayapally Renaming ceremony
Sunday School Picnic-2015
Harvest Festival 2015
HG Joseph Mar Dionysius Holy Qurbana
H.H. Catholicose of East Visit
HG Youhanon Mar Policarpos Visit
Fr. Saju Philip (St.Stephans) Sent Off
OVBS 2015 Closing Ceremony
Onam 2015
Fr.Kurian John (Vicar) 15th Year of Ordination
OVBS 2015 Inaguration
Malayalam Class 2015 Closing
OCYM Malayalam Class2015
OCYM Activity Inauguration 2015
Holy Week 2015
KECF Common Worship -Hosted By Our Church
OCYM Medical Camp
Parish Day 2015
Picnic 2015
Holy Qurbana & Visit By HG Joseph Mar Dionysius 2015
OneDay Conference 2015
Christmas Eve 2014
Christmas Service 2014
St.Thomas Award2014
St.Thomas Perunal 2014 (Samooha Bali)
Directory 2014 Release
Calendar 2015 Release
Harvest Festival 2014
Sunday School Picnic 2014
Fr.PY Jessen Visit(Secretary,OCYM)
Ponnonam 2014
OVBS 2014 Closing Function
OCYM Independence Day Celebration
OVBS 2014 Inaguration
Charity 2014-15 Education Fund to ARDRA
Harvest Anthem 2014 Release
Hospital Ministry Inaguration
Harvest Festval2014- Coupon Release
Welcom to Rev.Fr.RajuThomas (Vicar,Maha Edavaka)
St.Dionysius Prayer Group Inaguration
Managing Committe HandingOver 2014-15
Parish Day 2013-14
Dhayanom By HG Gevarghese Mar Coorilose
MOMS Picnic 2013-14
Parish Picnic 2013-14
Charity 2013-14- Ambulance for Cancer Centre
Charity 2012-13 Bethanya Bhavan
Christmas Eve 2013
Harvest Festival 2013
OCYM -Fasting Prayer & Vidhyarabhom
Ponnonam 2013
St George Prayer Inaguration
St Pauls Prayer Inaguration
OVBS 2013-Closing Ceremony
Harvest Festival2013 Coupon Release
Feast of St.Mary's- Nercha Preparation
OCYM Malayalam Class 2013
OVBS 2013- Love Feast
Sunday School 2012-13 - 10th Certificate Distribution
Feast of St.George- Nercha Preparation
Sunday School Picnic 2013
OCYM Activity 2013-14 Inaguration
Holy Qurbana by HG (Dr.) Thomas Mar Athanasios ( Kandanadu east)
OCYM Handing Over 2013-14
Managing Committe HandingOver 2013-14
MMS One Day Conference
Parish Day 31st Jan 2013
3 Day Lent Retreat -2013
OCYM One Day Conference
Calender 2013 Release
St.Thomas Award 2012-13
Christmas Eve & Centenary Celebration
OCYM Picnic 2012
Picnic 2012
Parumala Symposium by OCYM
Fr.Joji K Joy's Arrival
Vidyarambham (initiate learning)
Harvest Festival 2012
New Vicar's Arrival
Sent Off to Vicar
OCYM Ponnonam 2012
Sent Off to Vicar by OCYM
Sent Off to Vicar by Sunday School
Sent Off to Asst.Vicar , Maha Edavaka
OVBS 2012 Closing Ceremony
OCYM-Fasting Prayer
OCYM Independence Day Celebration
Harvest Festival2012 Coupen Release
OCYM - Malayalam Class
OCYM Environmental Day 2012
St.George Feast- Nercha Preparation
OCYM-2012-13 Activity Inaguration
Good Friday 2012
Parish day - 16th Feb 2012
Parish Picnic - 3rd Feb 2012
OCYM - One Day Conference 1st Januaru 2012
Christmas Eve - 23rd December 2011
Reception to Holy Fathers and Feast of Parumala Thirumeni
MMS- One day Conference0 7th November 2011
Harvest Festival 2011
Ponnonam 2011
OVBS Love Feast 2011
HG Joshua Mar Nochodimos Sent Off
Good Friday- Photos of Kanji Serving(22 April 2011)
Feet Washing Service (21 April 2011)
HG Joshua Mar Nochodimos Arrival
MGOCSM Picnic2010
Harvest Festival 2010-11
Harvest festival2009
Jubilee Opening Ceremony
Diamond JubileeMedical camp